You have maybe met some difficulties to control the beer flow with you draft beer dispenser. Despite respecting carefully instructions, you still have excessive beer foam. This issue sometimes happens when using standard faucet. The standard faucet is commonly used in the US. It is quite difficult to control the beer flow with it. So we design some small tools to help you avoiding this kind of issues during your brewing experience .


  • The first one is the white flow-control block. You can put it into the spear cross-bar. After, you assemble the faucet to the spear. So when pouring out your beer, this small tool helps to reduce the speed of beer flow and minimize over foam. The white flow-control block free. So Sinobartool company deliver it with the tapping system when customers make their orders .

beer flow control tool_jpgbeer flow control tool draft beer flow control tool

  • The second one is made with food grade stainless. So don’t worry about any potential contamination of your beer. It costs a certain amount of money compared to the others, and has 2 functions. It controls the flow of beer as the white flow-control block does. Also, it automatically puts the faucet knob at the exact place without doing it with your hands. You can maybe by inattention, forget to put the faucet knob at the right place. And the beer can continue to flow. So when you pull forward the faucet knob, you don’t have to touch it with your hands again to put it at the right place. If you’re not professional enough and in order to not waste any drops of your beer ,we recommend you this type of flow control block


draft beer flow control tool


  • We also use food grade stainless steel to make this flow control block. And it has one function. It helps to put also the faucet knob at the exact place to avoid the beer wasting when you turn off the tap.

beer flow control tool

If you don’t have a flow control beer faucet ,you can use a regular beer faucet with one of these three flow control blocks . Here is an article for you in order to have an understanding about the different types of faucets :