9 useful tips to effectively take care of your mini-kegs

Some people don’t know how to to take care correctly of mini-keg. People sometimes complaint that after the several utilization of the mini-keg ,they can’t fill it with their beverages anymore. It is sometimes due to a bad maintenance of their mini-keg. As a brewer, clean your mini-keg in a proper way has a great […]

Craft Brewers Conference 2019 edition

March is almost there! Winter is finishing and we enter into spring with the bright sunshine. Several events like festivals, conferences, exhibitions, fair will be organized. I personally think that it is the time to share fresh glasses of draft beer with our family, friends, colleagues… So, what about attending the annual Craft Brewers Conference (CBC). What […]

3 New Draft Beer Flow Control Products

forced carbonation of beer

You have maybe met some difficulties to control the beer flow with you draft beer dispenser. Despite respecting carefully instructions, you still have excessive beer foam. This issue sometimes happens when using standard faucet. The standard faucet is commonly used in the US. It is quite difficult to control the beer flow with it. So we […]

4 Types of draft beer faucets

Beers Faucet has also a great importance when serving beer or coffee. In other words, different faucets are suitable for different kinds of coffees or beers. They have different shapes and functions. Choosing the right faucet for your drink will ensure you to get the beverage you want . 1- Nitro faucets This faucet is […]

How to effectively differentiate Single vs Double wall kegs and growlers

It exists on the market single wall and double wall kegs. Manufacturers commonly use food grade stainless steel as the raw material. Most particularly the 304 food grade stainless steel. Here is an article exclusively talking about the advantages of the food grade stainless steel : The shelf life of these two types of kegs/growlers […]

What are the differences between forced and natural carbonation ?

Forced and natural carbonation are both different. One month ago ,i published a detailed article about it. This article clearly explain the natural and forced carbonation meanings and process ( . Natural carbonation comes from the fermentation process. Yeast and priming sugar are added to the beer . And then a secondary process in the cask produces CO2 […]

Mini Commercial CO2 Regulator with one gauge

During our brewing experience ,we are sometimes tired to bring heavy keg dispensing kit. The mini CO2 regulator with one gauge simplify you the life . You will no longer need to bring bulky double gauge regulator . There are different types of CO2 regulators with different specifications on the market Sinobartool mini CO2 regulator […]

Why should i choose stainless steel kegs or growler ?

We notice that more and more glass beer containers switch to stainless steel kegs and growlers . This change is due to the fact that stainless steel materials present more advantages than the others. But what is stainless steel ? Stainless steel is an alloy of Iron with a minimum of 10.5% Chromium. Chromium is […]

Draft Beer or Craft Beer ,are they different ?

I am quite sure that these two terms confused you at least one time. Draft and craft beer are familiar words for beer lovers or for brewers. I have to confess that it was also difficult for me to make the right difference between them at the beginning. But now ,i get a certain knowledge […]

At what temperature should draft beer be stored ?

Nothing can be so good as a fresh glass of beer especially during summer. Cold storage is the best for beers at all the times. Temperature plays a key role in the maintaining of the freshness of your draft beer. We notice sometimes incorrect temperature are used when storing mini kegs. Different views arise from the craft […]