Beers Faucet has also a great importance when serving beer or coffee. In other words, different faucets are suitable for different kinds of coffees or beers. They have different shapes and functions. Choosing the right faucet for your drink will ensure you to get the beverage you want .

1- Nitro faucets

This faucet is the nitro faucet. We use stainless steel as the raw material to make it . Also, It can be used with 2 types of spouts :

  • Stout spout : His spout has an aerator disc or restrictor plate inside. It allows you to have a creamier beer/coffee with tiny bubbles over the glass.In addition ,a cascade effect .It occurs when we force Nitrogen gas inside the liquid at a certain pressure.


stout spout with arerator disk

nitro faucet

  • Normal spout: If you want to serve normal beer without these micro bubbles , you can use normal spout. People recommend it to serve Ale, Lager, Cider… It is a small stout without aerator disc inside. However, you can also remove the restrictor disc inside. And use this same stout spout for your regular beer

2-Stout faucets

Stout faucet

 It has the same characteristics as the nitro faucet .But the only difference is their shapes.

As you can see, this type of faucet has a very small, precise opening designed for a very slow pour. In addition, we design it specially  for dispensing nitro beers or nitro coffee .For this reason , this tap is suitable for nitro cold brew coffee(coffee infused with nitrogen gas). Or for rich dark beers (nitro beers ) like Guinness, Murphys Stout, Beamish etc. Moreover, it is made with high quality food grade stainless steel that’s can withstand for a lifetime. If you like to use this particular faucet , it is possible also to easily remove the restrictor plate in the stout spout. You can then dispense any foamy beverage or regular beer of your choice.


You can use Stout faucet and Nitro faucet  with the cap spear. The cap spear has a valve pin. However , the faucet need to have a built-in ball to press the valve pin, then beer can flow out. You can use these two faucets with coffee spear .



coffee spear coupled with stout faucet
coffee spear
cap spear with valve pin
cap spear

3-Control flow faucets

This faucet has a skinnier spout. Also , the flow control valve helps to control the flow of beer. It gives you the control to increase or decrease the flow of beer. You can use it when serving beer with a high PSI but avoiding having a lot of foam.This short video show you how to effectively use your control flow faucet :

 control flow faucet

4- Standard faucets

We commonly use it for different beers styles. It is a Chrome Plated brass faucet. Indeed, people widely use it in America to serve beers .

standard faucet
SinoBartool standard faucet

You can click on this link to have access to a variety of faucets :