Today ,beers ‘growlers and growlers tapping system are popular in the craft brewery’s landscape.

Generally the growler is a glass or stainless steel’s container. They exist in different sizes and colors. It allows us to transport ,store draft beer took from brewpubs .Or craft breweries to home or others places .With the growler ,you can drink your favorite beer fresh from the tap. Unopened, the beer should be good for 7 to 10 days. You have about two to three days to drink the beer , after opening. Otherwise, the beer begins to go flat.On this link ,you will have more information concerning the manufacturing of growlers :

 growler and growler tapping system in the nature


Features of the GROWLER

Growlers are inexpensive, reusable and recyclable.They exist into 1 ( 32 oz),2 (64 oz) and 4 (128 oz) liters formats .One gallon growlers is an another name of the 4 liters growler. Some of them are wide mouth bottles with a loop grip lid on the top . Therefore ,there are easy to fill in,to get it empty and wash it. Others designs are made with a flip-top cap.

There are generally an handle on the growler, which make it comfortable to carry. It is made with 304 food grade stainless steel. So the quality is good ,strong and durable. It is safe in the sense that it is not breakable , such as a glass growler. You can keep your stainless steel  growler for a long time since it’s reusable. It’s a double wall growler. It means that it has two walls of stainless steel. This process keep your beverage fresh and cold for a long time. In addition, the majority of them go through a vacuum isolation method. In simple words ,heat or cold cannot escape from the interior of the growler. And cannot enter in the growler from the outside .Drinks can be cold for 24 hours and warm for 12 hours.Here is a detailed article dedicated to growlers :


Growler tapping system

One type of growler tapping system caught my attention. The 128 OZ (one gallon ) stainless steel growler tapping system. Our factory is the only one who design currently on the market the growlers’ tapping system . Also the one gallon growler (4 liters ) . We supply elegant and safe growlers tapping system for many years . Go on this website to get your premium stainless steel growler tapping system :


Inside the package is the 4 liters growler and the others kegging accessories. Such as the mini keg , the tapping system contains a CO2 mini regulator, a C02 cartridge, a standard faucet with handle. The one gallon growler lid completely prevents the leakage of your beer from the bottle. With this growlers tapping system ,you can take beer from your favorite brewery. Don’ t worry if after getting your beer served by the brew-pub ,you did not put it in the refrigerator in the followings hours. With our double-wall vacuum insulated growler tapping system,you will pour a fresh and cold beer everywhere you go.  As you can see on the picture , you can assemble all the parts in the same way as for the mini keg.

one gallon growler tapping system