Every beer geeks has his favorite draft beer, normally those beer were brewed by brew master of microbreweries or brewpubs in street corner only, they were served only on tap, not glass bottles or cans. Some beer geeks choose growlers to refill and to go for enjoying fresh draft beer in kinds of outdoor activities. Growlers are more popular these days since thousands microbreweries opening every year, people were immersed with local taste instead of commercial “common” taste beer.


What’s a beer growler? Growlers are traditional beer containers used to store and transport draft beer. The early growler was steel bucket with wide mouth and lid. Now, some of growler are made from brown glass or ceramic, and varies shapes were stainless steel and got more attentions of beer geeks recent years. There are several famous brands stainless steel growler in market, such as uKeg, Drink Tanks, Shine Vessels, Hydro Flask, MiiR, Klean Kanteen, SinoBatoo SKU# 64002 etc.

When beer geeks bring an empty growler to tap room for refilling, normally bartenders will fill on tap via a long beer hose, fill from bottom is helpful to reduce foam, and reduce the bad contact from air to draft beer. Full of beer growler would be sealed via lid or flip top cap. There are limited space remain air.

Normally, for glass, ceramic and single wall stainless steel growler beer, people should put them into refrigerator immediately when back home. In this scenario, growler beer can last for 3-4 days without open lid and stay in cold. After open, the growler beer would be exposed under non-carbonation condition; the left draft beer would be flat due to oxygenated and losing CO2.

For insulated growler beer, editor would suggest you to put into refrigerator too. Although insulated growler is not easy to be cold, but keeping in refrigerator will be helpful to maintain a cold condition, which is good for cold beer.

Among all brands of growlers, editor will recommend you to select growlers with tapping function if you cannot finish whole growler beer in one time, such as uKeg, Drink Tanks or SinoBatoo SKU# 64002.

These growler dispensers integrated with CO2 injection system. The CO2 is valuable for draft beer lasting longer, maximum 2 weeks.

Take an example of uKeg, when CO2 was injected into growler, the CO2 gas would create a pressure to push draft beer up to tap, allow beer geeks to tap from side tube faucet; The CO2 can also remove air and keep whole draft beer under CO2 condition, beer geeks would be able to enjoy flavor draft beer from beginning to last drip, no waste at all.

Similar functions of Drink Tanks and SinoBatoo SKU# 64002, but with SinoBatoo SKU# 64002, beer geeks can tap draft beer via professional beer faucet, pour as a pro, instead of picnic tap of Drink Tanks for simply beer shooting.

Hang out with your favorite growler, be loyal to your favorite draft beer taste, life is too short to waste!