After 8 weeks, with efforts from all team member, especially Jenny’s follow up every process as project manager, from design, sample to mass production, finally SinoBatoo have 1st version of mini keg dispenser gift box.

The structure of gift box was designed by YISIDE, our neighbor company; it can be opened from top. Inside, there are paper card holder and EPE flocking. The reserve backside can lay one pc of 4.2L or 3.8L mini keg, the front side designing for beer spear, brass faucet, faucet handle, mini co2 regulator and 4pcs 16gram co2 cartridges.

The strength of gift box is enough for normal mail, but it’s not waterproof, so better to put whole package into plastic bag before retail post.

On 2018 Hongkong Gift show, Jay liked this gift box very much, took a picture with Monica.

Jenny will teach you how to fold this gift box.