Many breweries checked with us, can we do logo printing on mini keg’s surface?

Sure, we can. And we can do logo printing in several methods including: silk screen printing, etching, laser printing, engrave, nanometer painting and powder coating etc.

  • Silk screen printing:

With your logo artwork in AI or EPS format, we would do printing halftone. On the surface of halftone, there are many tiny holes along with logo area. The ink can drop onto the surface of mini kegs via these holes to complete an entire logo sketch. After printing, the surface still wet, we would hang up these mini kegs and put them into baking house. The high temperature can speed up ink to attach the surface of mini kegs, printing area would be lasting longer.



  • Etching:

Similar with silk screen printing, it would need to prepare halftone with logo images. The different is etching will use chemical liquid instead of ink, and connecting with electronic power, to get corrosion logo images.

Compare with silk screen printing, etching is destructive, like tattoo, and it’s more durable.


  • Laser printing:

Laser printing is most exquisite among all printing methods. We would use software to convert logo from AI or EPS to be PLT, and save the PLT file into computer. For each size of mini keg, there are different frock clamp to fix mini keg under laser head. From computer, we can set up laser instructions, including thickness of lines, distance between lines.

More exquisite would take longer time to print a mini keg. So the printing cost would depend on how long to finish one keg printing. Sometime, there would be break during laser printing, if this happen, we would interrupt this printing. And we would erase the logo printing by polishing and redo printing. Laser printing is durable too.

  • Engrave:

Engrave logo can do on keg handle or body. Normally the engrave logo would be very simple image or art font, by punching these image would be add to parts of mini keg before welding together.

  • Nanometer painting:

This is kind of new technology, it was using for full keg coating. Compare with normal painting, nanometer painting is low cost, and color assortment more close to original.

  • Powder coating:

Similar with nanometer painting, powder coating is kind of full keg coating technology. By hang up all mini kegs, and these kegs would enter painting house which full of powder, by automatic painting machine, the powder would be spray from 360 degree, those powder would attach on surface of mini keg. And then, mini kegs would enter high temperate room, it can melt the powder of keg’s surface. Powder coating is very durable, not easy to get scratch.


After painting, for light color, it would leave fingerprint on surface when people catch the mini kegs. To get better protection, we can do layer of varnish. With this process, the mini kegs would be much shinning.