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Beer FaucetSoda FaucetNitrogen coffee Faucet – Stainless Steel Keg Faucet with Plastic Keg Tap Handle for Stout Beer and Nitro Coffee

SKU: 55002


This soda faucet was constructed by solid brass with chrome plated, designed with spring-loaded handle, can be customized to shinning color plating on your choice.

The total length of soda faucet is 220mm, with width of 85mm, matching the entire Cold Brew Coffee Marker.

The standard spout is short, can be replaceable to be creamer style stout in minutes.  You can use this nitro stout beer faucet to dispense Guinness, Murphy’s, and other nitrogen-powered brews.

It designed for Soda system can hold the pressure up to 75PSI without leakage or drop.

If you decide that you’d like a break from the nitrogen-poured beers for a bit, just remove the restrictor disc inside and use this same faucet for your regular CO2 brew.

Order guidance:

The different between SKU#: 55001 and SKU#: 55002 is the spout.

SKU#: 55001 is normal spout, short version, it can use for Ale, Lager, Cider;

SKU#: 55002 is Stout spout, long version with creamer disc, it’s perfect for pour cold Brew Nitro coffee, Stout.

Both types of spouts can be replaced with same Soda faucet, so you can also order faucet with normal spout and add an extra stout spout. Check details with our sales team.