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The carbonation cap is easy for home brewers who prefer force carbonating using a CO2 gas source. Simply screw it into the plastic bottles, attach your gas line or mini regulator and set to the desired pressure. Using a line splitter or a gas manifold you can carbonate multiple bottles simultaneously or have one with ball lock spear and be pouring from it while others with these caps carbonate.

It works well for most of beverages – beer, soda, water, and juice bottles in plastic.

Force carbonation:

This carbonation cap attaches to plastic bottles and connects to a gas side ball-lock disconnect in order to inject CO2 into the bottle, creating carbonation. To get the best results from the carbonation cap, please make sure your beverage is very cold so that the CO2 is absorbed much faster.

Fill beer:

Screw the carbonation cap onto the plastic bottles; fill CO2, loose cap to eliminate air, to get a non-oxygen bottle ready for filling draft beer. Draft beer can last longer under this condition.