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Home Brew EquipmentUS 1/2 Barrel 15.5 Gallon keg

SKU: 91004


The keg is made entirely of high grade stainless steel,it is strong,durable and easy to use, a genuine classic KEG for beer and wine

1)Model : US 1/2 Barrel stackable beer keg.

2) Material thickness on request.(2.0/2.4mm)

3) Unstackable and stackable.

4) Different kinds of Logo printing are available.

5) High quality and reasonable price.

6) Weldmelt: smooth,consistence and durable MIG weldmelt.

7) Best after-sales service.

8) Bursting disc alternative.

Capacity :15.5 Gal (58.6 L)

External :408 mm

Height :590 mm

Weight :13.5 kg