You have certainly heard about the mini beer keg. At least one time in your life if you are a beer lover ,brew-master or a bartender. Fans of beer who prefer beer made at home, or in craft brewery, might be familiar to this word. But, if your interest in tasting or brew craft beer is recent, you will be a little lost at the glance of this new vocabulary. Don’t be intimidate by these vocabulary at the beginning of your journey. Let ‘s try to learn some important aspects about the mini beer keg today.

Mini keg is a small barrel usually use to transport, store, and serve alcohol or non-alcohol drinks. Also,carbonated or non-carbonated drinks. It means that it can contain lemonade,beer,cold coffee,tea,soda… However, it is widely use to store beer, this is the reason why the name mini beer keg is mostly heard. Most of them are round in shape. With a single opening at the top that allows to put the liquid inside and a lid made with stainless steel too.In order to get your draft beer from the mini keg ,others beer dispenser parts are needed like the faucet,the quick connector beer spear,beer tube,Co2 regulator,C02 capsule to have a carbonated beer . The mini keg assembles with all the components is called the mini keg dispensing system.

In addition ,the mini keg go through an internal passivation and an external polishing. The passivation process is used to remove contaminants from the surface of the stainless steel. The process of polishing give a smooth surface .It is commonly made with 304 food grade stainless steel( 18/8 stainless steel). The stainless steel mini beer keg has a metallic color, but other colors can be print on it as you want.


  1) The dimensions

The dimensions of the mini beer keg vary from one store to an another one .However, we frequently have these capacities for standard keg :

  • 2L keg :13.5CM D *20CM H , 64 oz, 0.75 kg around (D for diameter and H for Height)
  • 4L keg: 13.5CM D *36.5CM H , 128 oz,1.049 kg around
  • 5L keg :17.5CM D *27.8CM H , 144 oz,1.617 kg around
  • 10L keg : 17.5CM D *49.5CM H,320 0Z,1.617 kg around


  2)The advantages

  • First off all,you can buy it empty and fill it with your favorite beer. It can say that the mini beer keg dispensing system impacted the drinking habits of people. The trend of drinking beer have changed over the years. People nowadays did not limit themselves to the standard beer sold at the supermarket. Brewing craft beer allows people to drink various kinds of beers with different smell,flavour,ingredients,colors. Especially,the 2L and 4L mini beer keg is recommended in this situation. You have the possibility to make many different types of beer by yourself at home. With your mini keg dispensing system,you can serve you and enjoy your fresh beverage. Also ,you can take a small amount of each types of beer from your local brewer or in your favorite brewpub and send it at home. If you are learning how to make your craft beer,the mini beer keg is an essential instrument


  • Secondly,it is portable,convenient and easy to store. Big sizes kegs or tanks are difficult to transport. The 2L,4L and 5L mini kegs are the most popular. They are not so heavy, they can even be put in a backpack. They are easy to bring it with you outside. There is a space above the mini keg, in order to carry it easily by hand. When getting off from work ,you can relax at home with a fresh glass of your favorite drink.Or when making a small gathering outside for example when going to beach or swimming pool with friends during summer.

Due to his shape ,the mini keg can be put in every corners of our refrigerator.Put it in your refrigerator for several hours after brewing your beer .You can then enjoy a fresh beer or lemonade.

  • Besides these two aspects ,it can be personalize with the words, pictures,or colors you want.Even if it is for your personal use at home or for a selling purpose,you can choose your own design and get your personalized mini keg . Companies usually print their brand’s name or logo on it .If it is for your personal purpose ,you can change the color of your mini keg to make it more attractive. You will need to pay an extra amount of money to get our personalized mini keg.


  • Finally,it is reusable and easy to clean.After buying your mini beer keg you can use several times again. This is one of my favorite reason why i recommend the stainless steel mini keg to home brewer or bartender. The stainless steel mini keg is more secure than the glass mini keg. It cannot easily broken. So after using your mini keg you can wash it with water or a mild soap and keep it for a future utilization. The investment is worth it!


  3)Where to buy mini kegs

You can buy it online on some selling platforms like Amazon, E-bay, Alibaba… Or from a local vendor . Here is the link of a detailed article about it

What are you waiting for? Get your mini beer keg as soon as possible to enjoy your favorite drink everywhere.