In general, there are five channels you can buy mini kegs:

  1. From taproom of microbreweries:

Many microbreweries don’t sell bottle beer, they serving glass on tap, people can drink in bar only; but recently some microbreweries provide another option for customers to pay deposit and get a draft beer filled mini keg taking away. Those kinds of mini kegs normally coming with breweries’ logo, customers can bring back to refill after finished.

Solution 1st: Check with these local microbreweries nearby your house, you would find the empty mini kegs.

  1. From growler stations:

Many cities, there are liquid store where to sell kinds of bottle beer, bottle wine or vodka etc. , people have very less choices for local draft beer.

Nowadays, you would see many growler stations in big cities, they providing go to solution with kinds of fresh draft beer choices, and they do growler/ mini kegs refilled from professional filling faucet, such as Pegas.

Solution 2nd: Select your favorite mini kegs or beer growlers from growler stations.

  1. From local distributor/ wholesalers:

If you are a home brewer, you may need several empty mini kegs for store your brewed beer. We would suggest you to buy from local distributor/ wholesalers. It’s easy to find their store, since they are selling brewing equipments and stuffs, such as hops, yeast, grain etc, those materials you may brought from their store before.

There are many SinoBatoo distributors in different countries, list few for your reference:


New Zeeland:



United States:;; etc

South Korea: www.

United Kingdom:

Solution 3rd: Buy bulk mini kegs from SinoBatoo distributors.

Remark: We recommend you buy from local distributors, because:

1) Distributors would offer a fair price with sea shipment cost only, and this is much lower than ship from China factory via Fedex etc.

2) Normally distributors would have rolling stock, there would be shorter leadtime comparing with global post.

3) The very important point is, buy from distributor, you would get local in-time service. Our professional distributors would guide you how to clean, fill and providing more extra parts and services.

4) Low risk of importing process: For some countries, custom office would snap check international package, and this process would take much longer than usual. They would have chance to put a higher duty on personal package.

Some countries customs request citizen ship with tax id can only get importing process clear. If the package receiver can’t provide the requested information, the package would be return to shipper with high express rate.

And for several countries, local custom would release package only after the buyer can provide importing license.

Those are very common troubles we experienced in past, and this is value of our distributors too!

  1. From on-line stores:

It’s easy to search mini kegs on line, many Amazon or Ebay store selling mini kegs from global. As we mentioned above, we recommend you buy from local on-line store, since they would deliver from local as domestic package faster and low cost.

Solution 4th: Buy on line.

  1. From factories:

If you are micro breweries or brew pub, you are willing to order mini kegs with customized logo, you can contact us directly, talk with our sales managers, they would support you. But you have to meet the MOQ and pay logo setting and printing cost.

Solution 5th: Buy from SinoBatoo with customized logo.


That’s all. Enjoy life by drinking tasted draft beer!