Which particularity my home craft beer can bring to my Christmas celebration ?


  Christmas is the time for us to gather together with our relatives .We can drink craft beer in different places.We can spend a wonderful time with them. Different kinds of occupations and responsibilities, diminish the opportunity to have quality time with your relatives. You cannot actually see how lucky you are to have them by your side without these kind of celebration.  Moreover, during this time we buy a lot of gifts, decorative accessories. We prepare delicious foods, desserts and juices in order to put everybody in a good mood.  However,we practically drink beer throughout the year, whether the temperature is at 38 degrees or minus 10 degrees.  Now, we don’t need to wait fall,summer or spring to enjoy a fresh beer.  So besides these Christmas activities…what about making your own craft beer at home for this special feast.

As friends, colleagues, lovers, parents,…this season is very significant for us. Having mini kegs will be useful to store your home craft beer.It’s the time to be around a table to drink some glasses of home craft beer .It will without doubt tighten our links. Why am i saying this?


 Chance to impress your relatives

You can put all your ability and love in the craft beer made by yourself.We always appreciate what is made in our close environment.We are much more able to give it a sincere attention.The more you put your love in doing something by yourself to please to your entourage, the bigger you will get their support and admiration.

Give to your beer your chosen appearance

You can make your beer with the flavors and aromas who like. Give it the taste, color you want.And also the degree of alcohol or bitterness you desire. It will delight all your meals from breakfast to dinner during this time. It allows you to have a bunch of people who will be willing to taste your beer.They can give you their appreciation. Maybe you will start to improve your brewing ability.


Own your holiday stock of beer at home

No need for you to rush onto the supermarket’s shelves to buy the remaining bottles of beers. Feasts like Christmas are the time where the demand in almost all the goods exceeds the supply quickly.

If you’re a certified home brewer or a beginner or you’re talented at making craft beer,that is the right moment for you.Don’t hesitate to give it as a gift to people you love.Fill your 5 liter ,2 liter or 4 liter beer mini keg with the craft beer.Or your metal growler with your home craft beer. Drink it with passion with your friends during Christmas or new year.These portable mini kegs beer dispenser will allow you to enjoy your home brewing beer in front of an exciting movies,games. Also during events hold outside home. Don’t forget when serving your craft beer ,your carbonation cap and mini CO2 regulator if you use the CO2 gas source. It will adjust pressure of keg beer and you can deliver a fresh and carbonated beer.

Experiment a wonderful time during the Christmas Eve and winter vacation !