Months ago, SinoBatoo presented a mini tapping system which can work on coupler system. This Draft Beer Keg Dispenser (SKU 71004) including a coupler dispenser and build-in keg spear, which can connect with gas-in port of mini regulator, and connect with beer faucet for liquid-out.

We called it “universal mini dispenser” since you can use it for tapping standard Euro/US beer keg and beer barrel based on same coupler matching system. So first thing you should know is which coupler system you are using or you can get from local breweries? This is very simple question you can get answer from breweries or bar. Normally, they are using Sankey D in America, and A system in Euro, some Asia breweries are using S system. As long as you can confirm the point, we would provide same dispenser system to match those kegs you buy from local breweries or bars, no matter how big of keg beer.

How to use mini dispenser to tap a keg?

  • Before tapping your keg beer, you’d better to give it some time to settle in kegerator or fridge and reach the proper serving temperature. The time takes for cooling down a full keg beer depends on how cold when you get it. To continue chilling beer at outdoor activities, you can put whole keg into jockey box if you are using small size of keg, such as one gallon, 1.5 gallon and 2 gallon.

  • With SinoBatoo mini keg dispenser, you have two choices of gas source. The mobile version is using compressed CO2, either 16 gram, 74 gram or soda stream cylinder, these mobile gas source would allow you to serve by wireless, portable. Another choice for gas source is regular gas line. No matter which type of gas source you are using, please follow below steps:
  1. Open your CO2 tank or cylinder and set up the pressure. Make sure the valves on the regulator are open also, and adjust the regulator o your serving pressure. We generally start with around 5 PSI and adjust necessary to balance the keg. It’s very common, for big keg, you would need more pressure, and for full keg beer it would cost light pressure than empty keg beer.
  2. You please make sure that the regulator is pressurized before tapping the keg to prevent your beer flowing back into the air lines.
  3. Take the dust cover off of your keg and connect the keg coupler. Twist the coupler clockwise into the keg unit until its snug.
  4. Lever handle couplers require you to pull the handle out before pushing it down or lifting it up. Once the keg is tapped, you would notice a little beer go into the line, but it won’t fill it until you open the faucet. Now you’ve got it tapped!

Enjoy your cold refreshing beer.