Tabletop 5L Mini Draft Beer Keg Dispenser with A/G/S/D Coupler system


For commercial brewery, brewpub and taproom, universal beer kegs of 30L and 50L play an important role as major beer container, for store and transport beer after fermentation. Also, there are existing cleaning, filling and taping line well designed for standard beer kegs.

However, these universal beer kegs are huge and cumbersome, draft beer lovers prefer to order smaller size of kegs with more favors choice tasted when big family gathering or BBQ party in yard.

We merged those demand and existing facility, presented the “Tabletop 5L Mini Draft Beer Keg Dispenser with A/G/S/D Coupler system”, and available for both 5 liter and 10 liter. Tell us which type of keg coupler, A/G/S/D thread keg neck system you are using, we would customize for you.

To make this kit portable, we recommend our 30psi commercial CO2 regulator, it can attach either 16/74 gram CO2 Canisters or soda steam 400G gas cylinders with addition adaptor. This system allows you either for natural carbonation with dextrose or force carbonating during home brewing procedure. Bring Professional Kegging system to your table!

Kit Includes:

  • Mini Keg 5 liter (SKU#: 13003) or 10 liter (SKU#: 14003)
  • Build-in Keg spear: A/G/S/D
  • Coupler dispenser (SKU#: 25001 ): A/G/S/D
  • Standard chrome plated brass tap with tap handle (SKU#: 51001)
  • Commercial CO2 Regulator 30psi with gauge (SKU#: 31001)
  • 16/74 gram CO2 Canisters or soda steam cylinder (pls check with distributor)

Kit Structure and Size:

Unit Operation Instructions:

  • Like any beer container, do not shake the keg beer before use. Give it time to settle after bringing it home from the brewery.
  • Install coupler, beer faucet and CO2 regulator with CO2 capsule.
  • Too much pressure would cause over foam. Since keg beer coming with own pressure, we suggest first tapping without CO2 injection.
  • Open the faucet over your beer glass and lightly turn on knob of CO2 regulator. Start with 2~3 PSI and lightly increase to 4~5 PSI (max 8~10PSI) to achieve perfect pouring.
  • If too much foam due to over pressure, pull on the pressure relieving ring for couple of seconds will help to release over pressure.
  • Turn off the regulator knob when you finish tapping. The remain gas would keep beer fresh for days, but don’t forget to put whole system into refrigerator.
  • Dispensing the last glass of beer through the faucet uses more CO2 than dispensing all the previous beer.

Clean and Care Instructions:

  • After each keg is finished, remove CO2 regulator. Never put CO2 regulator into water.
  • Use keg cleaning system to clean mini keg or standard euro keg.
  • Hand wash with warm soapy water to clean your beer coupler and faucet. Open the faucet and allow water to flow through the hoses. Rinse with cold water. Keep the faucet open to allow water to drain out and air dry.
  • Do not use decolorize, which will destroy keg and spear.
  • Do not microwave.
  • Not designed for hot liquids, nonfood, or caustic, highly acidic materials.
  • Keep whole system, especially silicone seal away from kids.
  • Use under suggested pressure for safety.

Options for build-in Spear, length cut according keg height:

Options for Coupler Dispenser, match type with build-in Spear: