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CO2 RegulatorMini CO2 RegulatorMini CO2 Regulator 30psi

SKU: 31002


As a distributor, are you frustrated by hundreds of complain from end users either gauge broken or needle goes beyond the limit, and never come back? We heard these from our US/ Australia/ India distributor, hence we requested our professional OEM factory to design a higher quality mini CO2 regulator in June 2017, now it’s already 4 months in market, and we got positive feedbacks from our distributors, people like the metal appearance and perfect quality.

It’s perfect for camping, parties and gatherings where you don’t want to haul around a huge CO2 tank and hoses. It has most of functions of SKU#: 31001, but no rupture disk, since we designed this mini CO2 regulator suitable for disposable 16 gram CO2 cartridge.

Technical Spec

  • Operating temperature: -30°~ 65°
  • Pressure Accuracy: +/-3 psi
  • Size with Cartridge: 5cm Tall x7.0cm wide x3.5cm deep
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Standard inlet port: 3/8”-24UNF
  • Standard outlet port: M8*0.75
  • Option outlet port: Gas side ball lock fitting – flare  (7/16”-20UNF)
  • Gauge range: 0~30 PSI
  • Adjustable outlet pressure: 0~25 PSI
  • Applicable cylinders: Threaded 16 gram CO2 flat sealed disposable cylinders
  • Dispensing operation: Adjustable knob
  • Working pressure: 1200psi

Operation Guide                      

  1. Keep regulator knob in OFF position before turn in cartridge to avoid destroy gauge.
  2. Screw the threaded cartridge into the head of the draft beer CO2 regulator.  When you hear the hissing of the CO2 escaping, continue quickly tightening until the hissing stops.
  3. Screw the draft beer CO2 regulator to brass compression fitting on beer dispenser system.
  4. Too much pressure would cause over foam. Since keg beer coming with own pressure, we suggest first tapping without CO2 injection. Start with 2~3 PSI and lightly increase to 4~5 PSI (max 10-15PSI) to achieve perfect pouring.


  1. Use only food grade CO2 cartridges. Non-food grade cartridges contain harmful byproducts like oil and benzene.
  2. Note: These regulators intend for use with CO2 ONLY and are not to be used with Nitrogen cylinders..
  3. Do not use the CO2 regulator as a handle to move the growler. This will result in damage to the brass fitting and may destroy the CO2 regulator.
  4. The 16 gram cartridges contain liquid CO2 that will dispense at over 600PSI. With that in mind, we suggest having the faucet open before pushing more CO2 into the keg, and using very short bursts. Also, do not turn on knob when not hooked up to a keg as you will put over 600PSI into the quick disconnect and will blow the top threads off.
  5. Do not screw out CO2 cartridges if gas remains.