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CO2 RegulatorRegulator AdaptorAustralian Standard Soda Stream Adapter Fit Mini Regulator

SKU: 32002


These custom made brass adapters allow you to use a 400g Soda Stream bottle with our mini regulators SKU# 31001.  Please confirm your current inlet of mini regulator, 3/8-24UNF or 5/8-18UNF? If you are using our SKU# 32001, Professional Mini Soda Stream Regulator 60-150psi, you don’t need this adaptor; SKU# 32001 can fit with soda stream cylinder directly.

A 400 gram Soda Stream bottle holds the equivalent of 25 x 16g disposable cartridges and can be swapped for a full one from your nearest retailer. These are much more cost effective than 16g cartridges while still being portable and small enough to fit in the fridge if you are force carbonating.

As you can see in the picture, by using either the steel disconnect with the 19L keg or the plastic disconnect with the 2,4,5 or 10L keg you still have a compact solution.


  • Interface to Cylinder: CGA320 of Australian Soda Stream cylinder
  • Interface Option1: Mini Regulator of 3/8-24UNF (for 16g CO2)

  • Interface Option2: Mini Regulator of 5/8-18UNF (for 74g CO2)