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CO2 ChargerCO2 RegulatorManual Press CO2 Charger

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Easy to use by following steps:

  1. Hold the charger body, and press the button for 3-5 times, this will help to wake up button and it would get ready to work for you;
  2. Remove the plastic black ABS cover;
  3. Put a disposable 16g CO2 cartridge inside;
  4. Screw plastic cover back on very fast, and you may heard the hissing of CO2 escaping, but don’t stop, continue tightening until the cover fully sitting on. By this time, CO2 cartridge was punched successfully.
  5. Press the button in a short, may sure the CO2 can get out easily.
  6. Ready to use CO2 charger by attaching dispensing system to tap draft beer and enjoy!


  1. Remember, don’t press longer to over pressure, it would cause too much foam, and dangerous for glass growler if without pressure relief valve.
  2. It’s not regulator, no gauge.
  3. Outlet is M8 thread, can only match our twist tube directly;
  4. Need MFL brass adaptor to connect with gas in ball lock disconnect.
  5. Do not screw off the black cover if gas remains.