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Carbonation CapDispenser PartsMini keg Carbonation Cap

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The carbonation cap is great for home brewers who prefer force carbonating by using a CO2 gas source. Simply screw it into the mini keg, attach your gas line or mini regulator and set to the desired pressure. Using a line splitter or a gas manifold you can carbonate multiple kegs simultaneously or have one with ball lock spear and be pouring from it while others with these caps carbonate.

Force carbonation:

By connecting ball lock disconnect-gas in, mini keg would be able to get CO2 fill-in via beer line or CO2 regulator.

Fill beer:

Option for filling beer:  Add a 6mm stainless steel barb tube to connect with beer hose.

Steps: Screw the carbonation cap into the mini keg, fill CO2, loose cap to eliminate air, you would get a non-oxygen keg ready for draft beer filling. Draft beer can last longer under this condition.

Size: 25 H *45 W*25 H mm.

Weight: 0.12 KG.

MOQ: 48 pcs