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Dispenser PartsPressure Relief CapMini Keg Pressure Relief Cap

SKU: 44001


The pressure relief caps are great option for home brewers who want to use mini keg for naturally carbonation & conditioning.

When keg pressure increase more than setting value of 30psi, the valve will rise automatically to release gas until pressure fall back to 35psi. This can prevent any explosions or excessive carbonated beer.

Also, those mini kegs are rated to 60psi as working pressure limitation, the pressure release caps would protect whole system for accident.

Notice: It can use for SinoBatoo brand mini keg only, in case the thread doesn’t match other brands kegs or bottle.

Size: 25 H *45 W*25 H mm.

Weight: 0.12 KG.

MOQ: 48 pcs


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