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Dispenser PartsPlastic Ball Lock DisconnectPlastic Ball Lock Disconnect Beverage Out –barb

SKU: 41003


Ball Lock Disconnect Beverage Out

COLOR: Black


CONDITION: 100% New and Unused Quality Product.
CATEGORY: Home Brewing Equipment
SIZE: 5.5CM*3.0CM*4.5CM.
SUITABLE: Bars, Home Brewing, Portable Bars.

Connection: beer hose.


  1. Ball Lock Disconnect Beverage Out –barb +Carbonated Cap:

  • Stainless Carbonation Cap with liquid ball lock
  • Cornelius Home Brew Kegging
  • Carbonation Cap w/ 5/16″ Barb
  • Cleaning your beer lines
  • Use it to counter pressure bottle fill PET bottles
  1. Beer Barb Ball Lock +Faucet +Clamp Fitting


  • Practical: dispensing from all standard ball lock kegs including cornelius (corny) kegs
  • Versatile: For carbonated seltzer water, homebrew, and other beverages for testing and sampling, outdoor picnics, keg cleaning, and more
  • Easy to Clean: Remove the MFL disconnect and run water through the tubing; Disconnect is easier to clean than lines with barb disconnects and pex clamps
  1. Dual Ball Lock Disconnect dispensing system: