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Dispenser KitMini Keg Dispenser KitNew design double quick connect spear flow control 5l stainless beer keg tap


1. Ball lock posts for liquid and gas, easy to remove.
2. Best personalized gift set for home brewer, brew-master and bartenders to enjoy fresh beer.
3. Regarded as a lid, the spear can seal right even if all accessories are removed, and also room-saving!

4. Cost-effective way, CO2 regulator or both tap can be interchangable, you can take them from this keg spear to another.

Regulated CO2/N2 Dispenser with Gauge of 30PSI (Outlet M8*0.75).

Gauge range:0~60 PSI
Adjustable outlet pressure: 0~40 PSI
Suitable capsule: Threaded 16 (74) gram CO2 or 18 gram N2 cartridges.
Notice: Keep regulator knob in OFF position before turn in cartridge to avoid destroy gauge.
Start with 2~3 PSI and lightly increase to 4~5 PSI (max 8~10PSI) to achieve perfect pouring.


Double Quick Connector Spear

Safety pressure: 30PSI
Gas side ball lock fitting – flare (7/16″-20UNF)
Beer-out: Ball-lock post liquid in black and plastic faucet.
Advantage: The bleed valve for replacing any air in the keg with CO2 to stop oxidation of the beer, keep beer fresh for weeks.

Share your favorite beer.
Hey! This beer dispenser can match 2l, 4l,5l,10l keg. you can share your favorite beer with friends by the mini keg. On BBQ, party, outdorr, travel, etc.