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Nitro Coffee Maker KitNitro cold brew coffee maker with for commercial use

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Core system:

1. No need for an external nitrogen bottle, the machine automatically generates nitrogen inside, advanced gas filtration system.

2. The built-in cooling system is quickly cooled when the beverage enters the device, eliminating the need for other cooling devices. The product is iced and free to choose the cooling temperature. 0.8L-1.5L/min can complete a nitrogen drink, super high efficiency.

3. Although nitrogen has a significant improvement in coffee taste, nitrogen is an inert gas, hardly soluble in water, and slightly soluble in ethanol (ie, alcohol), but A.S.V. has a built-in nitrogen injection system that uses German technology to ensure that nitrogen and drinks can be quickly and fully Fusion; at the same time can adjust the amount of nitrogen injected, free to choose the delicate and delicate taste of nitrogen drinks.

4. Small in size, low in power consumption, environmentally friendly, safe, and no consumables, the beverage can be immediately sucked into the machine from any non-stressed beverage container, simplifying redundant and cumbersome operations.


Product Advantages: