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Beer DispenserInsulated Growler DispenserPressurized Homecraft Beer Growler Dispenser Designed for Full Size of Yeti Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Growler

SKU: 27001



  • Constructed of food grade stainless steel 304 with refined surface polishing and sealing rubber
  • Growler option: SKU# 67001-1 Gallon and 20oz/32oz/64oz YETI and RTIC growler
  • Safety pressure:           30PSI
  • Gas-in:        Fitting with thread of M8*0.75
  • Beer-out:   Can match standard chrome plated brass faucet or stainless steel faucet, no taper or cone hole
  • Patented unique valve design: Growler dispenser can keep seal automatically when brass faucet removed

Shopping Guide

From first beginning, SinoBatoo R&D team focus on draft beer dispensing system, till now, we presented more than 20 types of spear, allow people to tap draft beer/ cold brew coffee at home or outdoor gathering.

How to select your favorite spear to build up your own draft beer dispensing system? We suggest you to start from following steps:

  • Select the growler:

Mini keg SKU#: 11001, 11002, 12001, 12002, 13001, 13002, 14001, 14002

Growler SKU#: 64002, 66002

  • Select the spear:

Twist tube: Allow regulator to attach with M8*0.75 gas-in tube;

Single ball lock: Allow regulator to attach with gas-in ball lock disconnect (SKU# 41001, 42001);

Dual ball lock: Allow both gas-in and beer out ball lock disconnect (SKU#41001- 42002)

  • Select the faucet:

From material, From function, From spout and Special usage

  • Select the Regulator:

SKU# 31002: For 16 gram CO2 cartridge, with dial range from 0~30psi, light weight.

SKU# 31001: For 16/74 gram CO2 cartridge, with dial range from 0~30psi, commercial level.

SKU# 31003: For soda stream CO2 cylinder, with dial range from 0~150psi, commercial level.

SKU# 33001: No gauge, no function of regulating, it can inject CO2 with 16 gram capsule only.

For YETI funs, if you already have YETI or RTIC growler, you would love to own this unit to complete your YETI tapping system. It’s time to enjoy non-flat draft beer on the go or at home, SKU#: 27001.

Unit Operation Instructions:

  • Like any beer container, do not shake the growler beer before use. Give it time to settle after bringing it home from the brewery.
  • Remove growler lid and replace with SKU#: 27001 Growler dispenser, install faucet and CO2 regulator with capsule, screw on the ABS growler lid as “roof top” on top of SKU#: 27001.
  • Too much pressure would cause over foam. Since growler beer coming with own pressure, we suggest first tapping without CO2 injection.
  • Open the faucet over your beer glass and lightly turn on knob of CO2 regulator. Start with 2~3 PSI and lightly increase to 4~5 PSI (max 8~10PSI) to achieve perfect pouring.
  • If too much foam due to over pressure, pull on the pressure relieving ring for couple of seconds will help to release over pressure.
  • Turn off the regulator knob when you finish tapping. The remain gas would keep beer fresh for days, but don’t forget to put whole system into refrigerator.
  • If you are using CO2 charger without gauge, after dispensing beer, close the faucet and again press the button on the CO2 briefly to maintain internal CO2 pressure. Failure to recharge after dispensing will lead to flat beer.
  • Dispensing the last glass of beer through the faucet uses more CO2 than dispensing all the previous beer.

Clean and Care Instructions:

  • After each growler is finished, remove CO2 regulator. Never put CO2 regulator into water.
  • Hand wash with warm soapy water to clean your beer spear. Open the faucet and allow water to flow through the hoses. Rinse with cold water. Keep the faucet open to allow water to drain out and air dry.
  • Do not use decolorize, which will destroy growler and spear.
  • Do not microwave.
  • Not designed for hot liquids, nonfood, or caustic, highly acidic materials.
  • Keep whole system, especially silicone seal away from kids.
  • Use under suggested pressure for safety.