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Beer DispenserNitro Coffee MakerSuper Smooth Taste Mini Stainless Steel Keg Home Brew Coffee System

SKU: 24002



  • Constructed of food grade stainless steel 304 with refined surface polishing and sealing rubber
  • Keg fitting thread:      Diameter 33.5mm, screw pitch 1.5mm
  • Option Safety pressure:       75PSI
  • Gas-in:        8 gram N2O Cream Whipper Chargers
  • Coffee-out:         Can match standard Perlick or Intertap faucet
  • Total length of cross bar and nut: 8cm, suitable for mini keg 5 liter.

Shopping Guide

With years experience, SinoBatoo R&D team presented several types of dispensing system, allow DIY coffee lovers to tap cold brew coffee at home or outdoor gathering. Cold coffee with Nitro infused can create tiny nitrogen bubbles, and the bubbles give this coffee a foamy texture, like Guinness beer.

How to build up your own Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker? We suggest you to start from following steps:

  • Select the mini keg in different sizes:

Mini keg SKU#: 11001, 11002, 12001, 12002, 13001, 13002

  • Select the spear: There are 3 types of stainless steel spear can fit on mini kegs, with different characters.

Standard Cross Bar: 7cm, can match 64oz or 1 gallon mini keg ;

Extended Cross Bar: 8cm, can match 5 liter mini keg;

Cross Bar with cone: 7cm, can match flow control beer faucet.

  • Select the faucet:

From material, there are chrome plated brass faucet and stainless Steel Faucet. The cost of brass faucet is lower than stainless.

From function, there are regulator faucet and flow control faucet (SKU# 51002), for flow control faucet, since there is cone structure, so it requests the cross-bar of spear with cone hole to match it.

From spout, some faucet have replaceable spout with five tiny hole, which can create small foam during tap cold brew coffee (SKU# 52002/ 53002/ 53004)

Special usage, some faucets perform excellent foam when people tap stout, we call them stout faucet (SKU# 54001/ 54002…); some faucets can hold higher pressure with no leakage, designed for sparkling drink, such as Soda.

We suggest: To get nitrogen into the liquid, the tap is a “restrictor plate” to squeeze the drink through tiny holes, giving the beverage a particularly smooth and frothy head.

  • Select the Shell: Plastic, Aluminum or Stainless steel

Installation Notice:

  1. Do Not Over Fill Cold Coffee into Keg: For 64oz keg: Max 1.5L cold coffee; For 4L keg: Max 3.2L cold coffee.
  2. Put the nitrogen cartridge into the shell and rotate it, you will hear ‘whistle’ sound. Rotate it until the sound stops. Do not exercise too much force to rotate it.
  3. One 8 gram cartridge can tap 1.5L coffee, for 3.2L, you would need 2X8 gram.
  4. When finish last drop of cold brew coffee, pls pull the faucet handle to completely remove the nitrogen gas before unscrew the spear system.


Clean and Care Instructions:

  1. Fill keg with hot water. – Repeat 3 times.
  2. Rinse the hose with hot water.
  3. Fill with hot water and 1 tablespoon baking soda or powdered brewery wash into coffee keg. – Shake until water runs from top, and leave it for 10 minutes.
  4. Rinse the faucet. – Please turn on the faucet.
  5. Use the cleaning brush to clean the coffee keg.