Dispenser KitNitro Coffee Maker Kit1L Sinobatoo 3.0 III Nitro cold brew coffee maker


The best at home nitro cold brew just got better.



You can make and enjoy a variety of drinks and cold beverages in addition to nitro cold brew coffee by using Sinobatoo 3.0

Sinobatoo 3.0 [N2] is the world’s first keg-type nitro cold brew coffee maker using pure nitrogen cartridge. If you want to enjoy nitro cold brew coffee with pure nitrogen cartridge just like you do in Starbucks or Stumptown Coffee, you need a lot of coffee tools at home. However, N2 allows people regardless of whether they are experienced in coffeemaking or not to make nitro cold brew coffee simple and easy. You can enjoy nitro cold brew coffee with creamy bubbles like black beer and sweet taste with N2.